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28 May Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Lotus Notes | Comments Off

What are the Levers for “Effective” Lotus Notes App migration?

Lotus Notes App Migration is an elaborate and expensive exercise, and ROI is critical. In the longer run, a platform based approach will become the key ingredient to the overall ROI. But, let’s keep that aside for a moment. More than the real ROI analysis of the target platform vis-à-vis the current Lotus Notes stack, […]


Lotus Notes “App” Migration: NO Magic Bullet!

Lotus Notes Migrations are happening, here and now. There are many reasons why Enterprises are moving away from Lotus. And the # of enterprises that are leaving Lotus is increasing by the day.  And, there are vendors aplenty that make it sound as if there is a “Magic Bullet” to do migration. These claims have marginal […]


Supply-side Long tail will explode the SaaS Market further!

That SaaS Market is on a high growth curve, is not a revelation. Forrester Research has pegged the SaaS market to grow by 25% in 2013 to $59 Billion. And by 2014, the market will be $75 Billion. SaaS based CRM and HCM is already on a high growth path for Enterprises and SMBs, with […]


07 Feb Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Cloud Tech Talk | Comments Off

Ok, let me say it – Generic PaaS is not disruptive!

Change. Continuous change is what we have witnessed, since Computing began way back in 1960s, we have had many transformational waves on how the Software is built, deployed and accessed; From the COBOL & mainframes to Client-Server & PCs, to the web, to multi-tier and the whole 9 yards of how code was written, arranged, […]


14 Jan Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Cloud Tech Talk | Comments Off

Amidst the Developer noise, PaaS signals for growth

PaaS market is clamoring with noise. “Platform as a Service” is surrounded with blind men around the elephant, each with meaning of PaaS to one’s own. This is further compounded by the fact that the Application Platforms landscape is changing quickly as well. We keep hearing that “Developers” want control of the code, access to […]


09 Jun Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Cloud Events, OS Newsbites | Comments Off

3 big events next week DeployCon, CloudExpo and OpenDataCentre

Next week is –  one big week for folks in the “Cloud”. The gala event cloud expo happens between June 11th and 14th. Part of this event is a focused event on “Enterprise PaaS Summit” dubbed DeployCon 2012 hosted by independent analyst and thought leader  Krishnan Subramanian of RishiDot Research. This is a one day […]


Migration of Lotus Applications to Cloud, Enabled by OrangeScape

With the advent of cloud, the migration away from Lotus Notes to Google or Microsoft platform has accelerated. OrangeScape, a Global 10 PaaS provider, announces that they have addressed the problem of migrating Domino Applications by providing a Visual Development platform on the public cloud of customer’s choice, in this case - Google or Microsoft. OrangeScape’s Visual, Drag-and-drop, modeling based Development Environment provides the perfect nest for Lotus Domino type of applications on the cloud. Even better, OrangeScape also offers the seamless integration and end-user experience on both Google and Microsoft platforms.


IIFL (India Infoline) Chooses OrangeScape PaaS for Automating Business Processes

OrangeScape Technologies Limited, one of the Global 10 Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers, today announced new customer signup with IIFL (India Infoline), a leading financial services company with over 2500 business locations across 500 cities/towns in India.


Cloud Conversations – Podcast: Krishnan talks to Suresh

Cloud Conversations is a series of interviews and podcasts with the key players of the Cloud ecosystem in India. Initiated by, it brings together interactions with the thought leaders from the Service Providers, ISVs, Solution Providers, SaaS Product companies, VCs and Startups. In the above episode, Krishnan Subramanian talks to Suresh Sambandam, CEO of OrangeScape. […]


14 Nov Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, OS Newsbites | Comments Off

Productivity Platforms, …not just!

John Rymer, from Forrester, in his blog post “The New Productivity Platforms: Your Solution To The AD&D Crunch”, says that it’s important for IT leaders to add one of the productivity platforms to the strategy to meet the challenge of fast delivery. We couldn’t agree more. These platforms getting the recognition can only augur well […]