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OrangeScape Visual PaaS – Features

This post summaries all the high level features/capabilities of OrangeScape Visual PaaS. This post will also serve as a table-of-contents, as I elaborate each of the points below into a detailed posts over next few weeks. Visual PaaS is also referred as meta-data PaaS platform by Garnter in this report What is your PaaS Style?

  1. Data Model Designer for Enterprise Data model Complexity (read more…)
  2. Spreadsheet Based Business Rules Designer (read more…)
  3. Graphical Workflow Process Designer
  4. Graphical Integration Process Designer
  5. Graphical UI Designer for Web forms
  6. Graphical UI Designer for Mobile forms
  7. Multi-tenant PaaS Platform
  8. Native Support for SOA (Application end points are exposed as REST/SOAP interfaces)
  9. Test As you Develop
  10. Built-In Version control
  11. Web-based Collaborative Development
  12. Support various Cloud Based Authentication
  13. Support on-premise Authentication
  14. Support for Fine Grained Access Control
  15. Single Sign-on support
  16. Support for Relational Data Store (Most popular RDBMS like Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, DB2 )
  17. Cross Cloud Deployment (Most popular public clouds – Google App Engine, Amazon AWS, Windows Azure)
  18. Support for On-Premise deployment
  19. On-Premise to Cross Cloud Portability
  20. Support for NoSQL Data Store (Google App Engine)
  21. Support for List Reports
  22. Support for Graphical Reports through Charts
  23. User specific Dashboard for Worklist Items across processes
  24. Customizable Dashboard
  25. Customizable Themes for Company Specific Look and Feel
  26. Personalizable Themes for end-users
  27. Full APIs Support

  1. amit05-08-12

    Does OrangeScape have Extensible Widget Facility and an App Store?

  1. Data Model – hero of your story, sorry, Project!03-29-12