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Cloud completes the software insanity model

16 Feb Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Cloud Tech Talk | Comments Off on Cloud completes the software insanity model

"Cloud completes the software insanity model"

(Last week, when RIA-RUI team invited me to speak at K-BarKamp, i decided to play the role of an astrologer – to predict how cloud computing will change the software industry. This blog is the summary of that 45-minutes long talk.)

Software industry is barely similar to other industries. Especially – the business model. Take an example of the cola industry: Why cant “Sugared water” cost “Sugar + Water + some electricity bill” ? – because, the procurement & distribution cost drives the price of cola by 7-8 times.

On the other hand, cloud is becoming the “fuel” (for procurement) & “brand ambassador” (for distribution) in the software industry.

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