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PaaS changes everything. Visual PaaS is here.

31 Jul Posted by in Lotus Notes | Comments Off

Core Processes on Lotus. How do you migrate those complex Apps?

I touched upon the types of applications that reside in the Lotus stack in a previous post where I highlighted that workflows capabilities are important for Lotus apps. Let’s revisit that a bit. You need a framework that could hold all the simple and mid-complexity apps together and provide a base platform for all the […]


10 Jun Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Lotus Notes | Comments Off

Lotus Notes App Migration is no migration, it’s an opportunity for Platform Refresh

We made this point earlier, but it is so critical that it needs to be really understood well. The Lotus Notes App Migration is not just a migration program, not just a tool based efficiency driven project, and it’s definitely not just about dealing with Apps as the last step in the while migration exercise. […]


28 May Posted by in Cloud Biz Talk, Lotus Notes | Comments Off

What are the Levers for “Effective” Lotus Notes App migration?

Lotus Notes App Migration is an elaborate and expensive exercise, and ROI is critical. In the longer run, a platform based approach will become the key ingredient to the overall ROI. But, let’s keep that aside for a moment. More than the real ROI analysis of the target platform vis-à-vis the current Lotus Notes stack, […]


23 Apr Posted by in Lotus Notes | Comments Off

Lotus App Migration : Four critical pitfalls to avoid

IT leaders are sitting on a hot seat all the time. Important long-term decisions can backfire, and lead to not only the loss of reputation and business, but may even cost jobs. Lotus Notes Migration is one of those “tricky” decisions for CIOs and IT leaders. Millions of dollars of IT investments are at stake, […]


09 Apr Posted by in Lotus Notes | Comments Off

Lotus Notes ‘App’ Migration & Importance of “Workflow”

When you look beyond emails in Lotus Notes Migration, you hit the wall of the Apps. And, it’s clear that there’s no Magic Bullet for ‘App’ Migration. A complete solution involves multiple components as we highlighted in this post. However, one critical element that is often missed out is a framework for managing all the […]